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    Wacom Intous Pen & Touch solw and bumpy scrolling function in Lightroom


      Hey I am using a Wacom INTOUS pen & touch in Lightroom and Photoshop.


      I am running a Macbook pro late 2016 with macOS Sierra Version 10.12.2. I am having the newest drivers from Wacom installed. 

      If I want to scroll down (with two fingers) in the library or sidewards e.g. in the development module I get in trouble.


      To scroll down in the library is completely impossible. After a few mm of scrolled way the movement freezes and it seams to jump up a bit. It behaves solw and bumpy.

      Scrolling sidewards in e.g. the development module the movement is completely uncontrolled and super fast 10-15 pictures in a very short finger movement on the tablet. The tablet is doing everything very nice outside of Adobe Software.


      I found some similar user experiences here: Scrolling with Wacom Intuos pen - Slow and bumpy


      Do you have a solution?


      BR Jannik