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    Bouncing/Bending Effect as automatic Expression


      Hey guys,


      I'm new to after effects and I have a question for getting some certain effects to work and couldn't find anything on the web.

      And I honestly searched a lot but not so much on the following topics.


      I'm starting to create a lyric video with different "background layers" in different position in the z-Axis. So it already creates a nice 3D effect when moving these things around.

      Now I want certain layer to bend thoughout the video without keyframing it.
      Look here for an example (I know the music and the lyrics are kinda special):


      You can see the effect I mean good at 1:58 and 2:35

      I'm digging the video and want to recreate the effects and transfer them to my project


      The picture of the "baby" bends, but it isn't simply a wiggle or random motion expression like on some other layers.

      I think the reaper does the same.


      Also I haven't found a way to create the fog, you can see in his video. Maybe it's the normal particle effect but changed a lot, I don't know.


      I have some basic question too:

      Should I precomp the words for some phrases?

      Can I loop particle effects and all the stuff which is above, cause they cause a lot of rendering time?

      Is there anything in this vid I should go to Premiere Pro? I'm doing the whole vid in AE so far?

      Any other tips or effects which I could add?


      Thanks your help,