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    Worst experience I've ever had.


      Long time Adobe user. Twenty days ago I upgraded my creative cloud account, but I just had a car accident and I am now experiencing financial difficulties. So I canceled my plan. Unfortunately when I canceled I was not aware of the huge early termination fee of $149. Maybe I missed it, but I doubt I would have skipped over it knowing I don't have that in my account right now. So I called Adobe to figure out what this payment was, and wow what terrible customer support. First of all, I was hung up on on the first go around (after holding for ten minutes). Second call, after finally getting through the frustrating non human support and then having to be called back before speaking to someone (again), I could barely understand the person and he could barely understand me. At this point, I was pretty much ready to never use an adobe product again. And after holding for ten minutes I'm told that I will get an email about it within 24- 48 hours. That will be long after my overdraft fees have kicked in and an already hard month turns even harder. If I would have known all this, I would have kept my initial monthly plan and not get hit with that heavy fee. The big part is, I had no idea that I wasn't on the normal month to mnth plan that I'd been on before.


      Looking over consumer affairs reviews, it looks like I'm not the only one who has had this terrible experience. I'll wait until I get the follow up email before adding my review to consumer affairs. But it's looking like I'll be another one of the 240+ complaints that have been filed. 


      I was planning on renewing my plan as soon as I get back on my feet. Not so sure anymore.