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    Buttons and Action Script

      OK everyone....

      I am working on my web site.... and i have a 'graphic design' tab. and once in the graphic design part, there are small thumbnails of the work to be displayed (when thumbnails are click it brings you to that piece of work) I set up the 'roll overs' and action script, and everything worked fine! but then i started to add the actual image in the body of the site (that displayed the piece of work) and things started to get funny....

      the roll overs still work fine, but when i click on button #2 to go to page #2.... it goes to page #3. All the thumbnail buttons roll over fine.. its when i click it, it reads as if im clicking the next page (ie: click page #2, i get page #3) ... and remember.... they worked fine before i started to add the larger image of the piece of work!

      so if i havent lost you by this point, i would LOVE to get some help on this!!!!

      Thanxs SO much in advance!!