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    Authorization not working


      I am downloading books from my library website. When I try to view them on my ereader it says my device is not authorized. Both my laptop and my ereader are authorized. I have been able to read books from library on my ereader before. I have tried reauthorizing both my laptop and my ereader. I have tried re-downloading the book. I have tried uninstalling adobe digital editions and then reinstalling it. Nothing is working. Why am I not able to read my books?

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          Ann Downey

          I have this same issue. I have the latest version of ADE on my PC. I have deauthorized my Kobo Glo and my PC and reauthorized them both. I have deleted the book from ADE and from my Kobo and redownloaded it from my library numerous times, but I still get the message that my device is not currently authorized for use with my Adobe ID.


          Please help!