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    Javascript 1.6 stopped working, how to fix this?

    Outis Sisyphides Level 1

      I have a PDF form with embedded Javascript that I made a while back. It's been working fine for months, but today it started giving me this error:

      TypeError: Item.indexOf is not a function

      I looked around the forum and found that this seems to be a problem with older Acrobat not supporting JS 1.6. But I'm using Acrobat 2015, which should support this call. And again, this script had been working fine until today.


      I don't know if it's related, but the only factor I can think of is that I've downloaded and used a heavily JSed PDF. That PDF worked just fine, but would it be possible that this PDF somehow disabled my Acrobat's JS 1.6 support?


      How do I get JS 1.6 support back?