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    lightroom maximum install


      I have an iMac and a MacBook and have installed lightroom on both, but I get the pop up saying maximum activations exceeded , adobe says i can install it on two separate machines, but it doesn't seem to like this.

      How do i stop this pop up from happening as I only have two machines ?


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you trying to use Lightroom on both computers at the same time?

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            jom71265519 Level 1

            No not at the same time, I tried signing out on one machine but it still says "maximum activations exceeded".

            Any ideas ?

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              how many computers have you installed LR on in total? Not how many is it installed on now but the Total number of computers you have installed LR on.


              And or have you installed it on one of your computers more than once like after a reinstall of the operating system or a changed logic board?


              Adobe is pretty good at keeping track of the number of computers LR is installed on and that pop up never comes up if you have only installed LR 2 times

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                jom71265519 Level 1

                Hello thanks for the quick reply.


                In total LR has been installed on three, last week I got a new MacBook so in theory it has been installed on three machines but before i sold my old MacBook I signed out of Lr and completely wiped everything off the MacBook.


                So now I'm trying to install it on my iMac and my new MacBook, but it will only let me sign in on one machine at a time or i get this pop up saying "maximum activations".

                The problem is that unless I remember to sign out of the iMac then I cannot use the LR on the macbook unless I'm connected to the internet as creative cloud blocks this.


                Seems to think that either I'm still signed in on my old MacBook or I can't have LR on two separate machines at the same time even though adobe says you can.


                Any suggestions

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                  Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                  Any suggestions

                  Yes, you need to contact Adobe's Customer Support, they should be able to sort out this problem for you.

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                    99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    If you have LR CC you can deactivate devices on-line.

                    Sign in with your Adobe ID (email address & password) and choose the tab “Plans & Products”


                    To see a list of your activated products go to My Account