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    New Kaby Lake i7-7700U dual core processors and PE15?


      I've been waiting until CES announcements to decide what to replace my current computer with. Due to my extensive travel, my only computer these days is a laptop. My current laptop is several years old, but it is a behemouth: Alienware M17x that weighs about 10 pounds, gets so hot (quickly) it's tough to hold even with a pad, and has a battery life of about an hour which makes it worthless on a plane or in an airport with few outlets or on a long car trip.


      I no longer play games on my laptop (all my gaming is on my PS4) so I mainly use it for Word (Excel, Word, PPT) and internet and work type "stuff" - I also use it to store all my music and movies for my Plex server (cast to Chromecasts.) The ONLY things that requires some decent power is video editing. I've been using Cyberlink Powerdirector for years, recently purchased PE15. But even with the video editing, my work flow is usually taking HD videos, 1080p or 720p (not 4K for now), editing them down to smaller pieces, then combining the smaller edited clips into a longer movie. I'll add a few simple titles and some simple crossfades. I typically save the result in a TV friendly 1080p or 720p MP4 at 29,97 FPS.


      The question I have - I would LOVE to have one of the new ultrabooks, For travel having something so light and with 10+ hour batter life and not requiring a 150W powerbrick the size of my carry on bag would be heaven. But they typically have, at their high end, Kaby Lake i7-7700U type processors (usually with an Intel 620 GPU.)


      Does anyone have any idea of whether these will work acceptably for the type of video editing I do with PE15? I don't think I'll have the luxury of trying one out, installing PE15 on it, and then trying it out before buying.