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    Media Won't Play In Timeline- Elements 15


      I just got Elements 15. i'm not to smart with tech so i'll try to explain it my best (sorry if its not worded right or something). I got it all downloaded and was excited to use it. I did a test and made a super quick edit. Everything was working fine except that when I click the play button, nothing would play, no video or audio. Its like the play button does nothing. I can scrub through it fine and I found that If I export it, I can watch it like normal. Even video and audio that comes with the software (bars and tone, black video, sound effects, etc) wont play. I have tried rendering it in the timeline, nothing. I've tried other media files, and reset to default and tried again, same thing. If I click the fullscreen button to view it, its a yellow screen saying "Media pending" but it never "pends". The media files are supported, and the computer supports the software. The computer is a PC my dads friend built for me (Windows 8.1 pro, 8gb RAM, 64bit). I'm not too good/knowledgable about tech so please explain it in an easy way. Thanks

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you manually gone to Windows Update and ensured you have the latest updates, including hardware updates and non-critical updates that don't load automatically?


          What processor does your computer have? How much free, clean, defragmented space is on your hard drive?''


          I'm very concerned that you can't even play a 5-second bars and tone or black video clip. I can understand that the program may struggle with some video types under some circumstances -- but you've got a real dead fish here, and that's really unheard of.

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            adventurestothemax Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I just upgraded everything, but still no luck. Here's what it says under "PC info" about the processor- "Intel (R) Pentium (R) CPU G3250 @3.20GHZ 3.20GHz" . Actually, about the hard drive, it was having problems so I took it out. There is a 256gb solid state drive thats new and free of space, so I assumed the hard drive was not neccesary. Could that be the problem?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Actually, having a solid state drive precludes the need to defragment. But you still need space on it in order for the program to deploy and work.


              How much free space is on that hard drive? You say that is it "free of space"? That means you have no free space at all, which is definitely going to cause you problems -- but I'm not sure this is what you really meant to say.


              As for your processor, you're on the lower end of processors necessary to run this program. On this chart, your processor rates a 3000 -- and a 6000 is really a good idea for most video editing.

              PassMark CPU Benchmarks - High Mid Range CPUs

              But even with that processor, you shouldn't have a total freeze. So I'd say the issue is with your SSD. Either how much free space is on it or how it is configured.

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                adventurestothemax Level 1

                Yes, sorry, I did mean mostly full of space, both are brand new. The hard drive is completely empty and new, all 1 TB, and the SSD just has, windows and program files and some other stuff- Still has almost 200GB of free space. Ok, I'll see if I can try a new SSD. I find it weird that everything is fast and seems to work- scrubbing through it, stepping through it, and all the features, except playing it.

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                  pgauba Adobe Employee



                  Can you please check the following options -


                  1. Launch Premiere Elements

                  2. Go to Edit menu - Preferences - Audio Hardware

                  3. Check the value in "Default Class"

                  4. If it is MME then open that option and check whether ASIO option is there or not

                  5. If ASIO is there then select that option and click on ok button

                  6. check the playback - it should work



                  Pankaj Gauba

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                    So, How do you fix this same problem on a Mac? I installed this program and the play button isn't working.I uninstalled it and I have the same problem. I an using a NEW Mac Pro with 10.12.3 system software My graphics card is a AMD FirePro D500. All of my other Adobe products work even AfterEffects 11.3

                    This is a simple program but a Big pain in the *** to get working.

                    Please help!