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    Trying to make an animated dropdown menu

    Tiemen Van Gucht Level 1



      I have been stuck at this for a few days. I really like the way Muse works, but I find the menu widgets lacking.


      I have this idea for my website with animated buttons that "woosh" open on mouseover. For example, my "portfolio" button is a book that opens on mouseover and 3 or 4 links should float out. I have been trying to make this with Animate. But before I spend hours trying to get the animation right, how do I get muse to recognize the states/links? Or is it nothing like placing a photoshop button and do I have to script the button in Animate? If so, do I make this in HTML5 or AS3?


      I can't find a solid tutorial on how to make dropdown menu's that aren't simple boxes.