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    Notification "Adobe InDesign CC 2015 doesn´t work anymore"


      Hi there,


      for some time whenever I want to launch Adobe InDesign CC 2015 on my Windows 10 Laptop I get the notification that it doesn´t work anymore. Further the notification states that the programme doesn´t run correctly due to a problem and that it is being closed down and that I get notified when there is a solution to the problem. There is no specification however, what this problem is.


      I worked my way through quite a few forums and there seem to be numerous people, who encounter the same problem. I found, however, no way to get my InDesign back to working again.


      I don´t have any weird-named fonts (which sometimes seem to be the problem), I have re-installed all relevant drivers (which seems to be a further problem too). In Short I´m at my wits end. Have you encountered the same problem and maybe found a solution? I´m more than happy to learn from the crowd intelligence, here :-)


      Kind regards,