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    Importing a multi-level list with different styles

    magnuso30883155 Level 1



      Can anyone help me with how to hinder the style of each level in an imported multi-level list becoming the one and same paragraph-style in InDesign?


      I'm currently making a template, that imports the text from a Microsoft Office Word document, in which there is a multi-level list. But I need to keep the style of each level different, e.g. 1 level = 1. Text (with a blue background and bold text), 2 level = 1.1 Text (no background and regular text). When I import the word document, the style for the multi-level list becomes one and the same.


      I know I can do this manually, going through the list and giving them a distinctive style. But that is time consuming - in this case very time consuming.


      I'd very much appreciate any help and hints !