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    Scrubbing streamed Audio - tiny help

      so im streaming mp3's and trying to progress forward and reverse in the mp3 files. when a sound file is streamed and i drag it to the right the scrubber looks like its trying to move to the right, but for some reason it cant, it stays close to 0 on X. but when i relase somewhere on the progress bar it does actually jump to the correct part of the song.

      this.progressBar.slider.onPress = function(){
      progressBar.slider.startDrag(false, 0,progressBar.slider._y,100,progressBar.slider._y);


      this.progressBar.slider.onRelease = this.progressBar.slider.onReleaseOutside = function():Void{
      var soundGoTo:Number = Math.round(_root._xmouse - progressBar._x);

      using Flash pro 8