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    Internal error - UNIQUE constraint failed


      I am running Lightroom CC on Windows 10. After a Windows 10 failure I have had to reload Lightroom, plus my catalog, photos etc.  Since then when I am in the Develop module I regularly receive the following error message:

      An internal error has occurred: Database "C\Users\User\Pictures\Lightroom\Lightroom Catalog.lrcat": UNIQUE constraint failed: Adobe_libraryImageDevelopHistoryStep.id_local 

      Statement INSERT INTO Adobe_libraryImageDevelopHistoryStep( id_local, id_global


      I click on OK and the message goes away, and may often reoccur several times a couple of steps later. It doesn't stop me completing my Develop actions or exporting the finished picture, but its a nuisance and I'm concerned there may be a more serious underlying problem with my Catalog


      Any ideas please on how to fix this?