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    Need help with Digital Certificates when used with Adobe Acrobat


      I need some urgent help for one of my project. Any help or guidence would be very much appreciated...

      I am using Digital Certificates with Adobe Reader 6.0 and above and currently if I want to install the process it requires around 2 steps. Below are the steps.

      Once the install now button is clicked.

      Step 1. Click on set contract set.
      Step2. Click on first un check box, Adobe 7.0 or Adobe 6.0
      Step3. Click OK,

      Now the Question or issue is, I want to make the above mentioned steps 1 to step2 automated, once a user downloads this Digital certificate over the Web. Else if I can pre-select the 2 steps for the ease of the user.

      Any help to get this automated would be much appreciated......Do let me know if anybody has any further questions...

      Pls help...and thanks for helping in advance..much appreciated...