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    More Muse issues

    michaelw70056450 Level 2

      I am currently working to build a website for a charity free of charge.


      Still of course I pay my CC membership out of my own money.


      Muse 2017 instead of moving the product forwards has gone backwards.


      I just created a vertical mobile menu in an accordion and previewed on an Android in Chrome. Accordion will not stay open. As all my clients sites use this menu and all opened and published in 2017 now they all do not work either and I received complaints from all.


      I contacted support and was told the product team is working to fix what was fine before 2017.


      I pray it will be VERY QUICK or my web design business will close.


      Muse 2017 also crashes constantly.


      STILL there is no responsive slideshow + lightbox + responsive image with text wrap!!!


      Muse is now pretty much unusable

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Please, please use the search command on tip of this page and enter "muse chrome, accordion") and you’ll find this issue discussed over and over again. The last Chrome update for mobile devices broke the sites, not Muse. Nevertheless the Muse team is working on a fix. If you sign into the Muse Prerelease forum(http://www.museprerelease.com), you may get more information about this,

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            michaelw70056450 Level 2

            I do not know how to edit tags in this over complex forum to add the tag you suggest - muse chrome, accordion, sorry.


            I contacted Muse Support about this and THEY told me it was a bug in Muse 2017 not an issue with Google Chrome. I would not post something like this without researching it.


            There is a lot of information on this as you say when you login into the Prerelease Forum but alas no fix and I am rtoo busy and should not have to do this. Adobe should push out alerts on major issues like this with a timeline for a fix. WE are the customers, something Adobe mostly forget as long as their share price continues to rise..


            Sadly, the lack of responsive functionality ie slideshows, compositions, text wrap around image (image cannot be responsive), menu issues etc etc etc,  in terms of my client base Muse is becoming unusable.


            Time to get to work on learning an alternative to save the small client base I have left (lost so many due to lack of functionality in Muse).

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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              If Muse doesn't suit you, there are other tools. Good luck with them!

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                Preran Adobe Employee

                This issue has been fixed in the latest update 2017.0.2. Please update to the latest version and let us know.

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                  michaelw70056450 Level 2

                  Hi Preran


                  I updated to 2017.0.2 and the deleted the emergency fix widget and accordion now works fine on all my sites.