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    Saved Themes don't show up in illustrator


      Hey guys,


      New to Adobe Color, I saved a theme to "My Library" under CC but when I go to Window>Color Themes in Illsutrator it says there are no themes saved under my account name, although there has been. I have refreshed my browser as well as the color theme tab within Illustrator. Saved multiple themes to multiple libraries I have just to double check. I'd really like to figure out what is going on since it seems to completely disable me from using themes found on Adobe Color. I have restarted Illustrator as well.


      PS, the color themes show up in my libraries tab on illustrator so I know there is a connection, it just doesn't populate within the color theme window which is where I need the group placed so I can move it to my swatches as we group. The libraries window only lets me see the colors and name of the theme, I can't apply it to any designs and its really a drag.


      Let me know if you have any solutions