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    True Monochromatic canversion


      Hi Everybody.

      I need your help to solve the following problem.

      There are some tutorials how to transform picture to winter wonderland. In most cases gradient map and adjustment. Non of them works for me.

      Let me explain what is my task.

      I have photo - portrait - of woman - (in example)

      Now when I convert it to B&W - all colors are changed to grays.

      Imagine situation:

      In real world you take white spray can, and spray evenly all over the woman face, hairs and clothes.

      What I got is - one white color all over.

      Take picture once again - now I have whites and grays only where shadows are (not where was different color before)

      (imagine clown face).

      My question is how to achieve this effect directly in PS - with no painting :-)

      Please remember - one color only - white - and greys which represent shadows.

      Can somebody give me idea how to start this, or links with tutorials.

      Thx in advance.