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    Help exporting acrobat!!!


      Example of Extended Service Agreement.png

      I have thousands of contracts EXACTLY like this one the only differences are the information but everything is in the exact same spot as all other contracts and all the information is the same length I need to be able to select the Address, City, State, Zip, Contract agreement, Contract issue data, Install date, Model number 1, Model number 2, model number 3, serial number 1, serial number 2, serial number 3 and the authorized dealer all separately on every single contract I have without selecting it manually for every contract then after it is all selected I need to be able to export those items from every pdf all organized so it takes the information from 1 contract and puts only the items i need into a row on excel then the next contract will be lined up right below the one before and so on someone please tell me if this is possible with adobe acrobat or if you now any program this is possible with. Thanks!!!!!!!!! inactiveforumnotifier Amy_WongWoojinDebbieclawsonEditing & Exporting PDFsAcrobatAdobe Document CloudLive in the Forums: Ask an ExpertASK- Forum Success Guide: Efficiently using the forums

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Your document looks like a scan, which makes this a lot more complex. You can - if the document is OCRed - get the text of the document using the JavaScript API. You will have to solve this using a custom script. If you are not familiar with scripting for Acrobat, you may want to consider hiring somebody to help you with this project.


          In general, you would use the Doc.getPageNthWord() or Doc.getPageNthWordQuads() and iterate over all "words" on the page, and then try to match their location (which you get using the "Quads" version of the API call) to the elements you would find on a regular document. This is a lot of work even with documents that are electronically created (and therefore without any variation in the location of the information you are looking for). For scanned documents, this gets even more complex because you may have to take paper fed at an angle into account, partial scans, or scans that are low quality.


          If you search through the archives here and over at AcrobatUsers.com, you will find some code and more hints about how to approach this.