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    ATTN: Adobe Stock Sales Staff & Product Designers


      1. I was a very happy Dollar Photo Club customer. I was content in paying $1 for every photo I downloaded.

      2. Adobe comes in and buys Dollar Photo Club out, thats fine. I like Adobe... Ive been using their products for years.

      3. Adobe completely botches the original Dollar Photo Club concept.

      4. I used to pay 10 dollars for 10 photos with Dollar Photo Club (whenever it is that I wanted to purchase the photos...). This reflected good customer relationship management and a fair pricing model.

      5. Adobe charges me now for 10 photos, 33 USD (which is $40 Canadian), so I am now paying 4 times the amount for the same number of stock photos under Adobe's pricing model.

      6. Im unhappy with this, so I decide maybe its time I cancel my account... NO. I cant do that unless I pay 50% of the full years membership cost upfront. As laid out in my Terms and Conditions.

      7. What the heck Adobe? Where is your class? You guys are purveyors of design technology. You have millions of satisfied users using your product, why on earth would you take a fantastic idea such as Dollar Photo Club and completely ruin the integrity by locking your 'customers; (of many years might I add) in to a membership for a year? Shame on you. You can do better. This is a note to the Adobe staff responsible for developing the current pricing model of Adobe Stock: get your heads out of your ***** and start providing a better service. If you're gonna buy out a start-up who has a winning idea, buy them out with class and with the ambition to build on their idea to make it even better for your customers. Don't put their winning idea inside of some money mongering box and market it as a Stock Photo Database that everyone should use. Dollar Photo Club was a good product and you guys ruined it. Please revisit your business model, I can assure you there are many customers of yours out there that probably feel similar to how I am feeling right now.

      8. As bothered as I am about this, I still love your products Adobe. When you bought out Cool Edit and turned it into Audition, I thought you did a bang up job. Photoshop, Illustrator all products that rock. You SHOULD continue your efforts on creating GOOD products that customers can get behind. Don't go sullying good ideas.




      That is all.