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    installing LIghtroom 6


      I recently upgraded from LR5 to LR6.  I hv 64 bit system but LR6 only installs in 32 bit.  Can anyone advise me to to install LR6 in 64bit. FYI when I installed LR6 I did not uninstall LR5 as I thought LR6 would automatically override but it did not and I have LR5 on 64bit and LR6 on 32bit on same computer .  Am not sure if I uninstalled LR5 now it will affect my LR6 installation.  Tried reinstalling but result is the same.  Any advise would be very much appreciated  - thank you

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 6 are separate programs and can both be installed on the same computer. Lightroom 6 is not available in 32-bit, it is 64-bit only. What is it that is giving you the impression that it is installing as a 32-bit program?


          When Lightroom 6 is first started it will recognize your Lightroom 5 catalog and prompt you to allow it to create an updated copy. You should choose to do this. This will create a new copy of your catalog that includes all of the work you have done. The Lightroom 5 catalog will remain and can be used by Lightroom 5.