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    Wrong pixel size on Photoshop? Please help.


      I got a new laptop, a 15 inch Macbook back in 2015 with a Retina display and I purchased some Adobe applications at the same time, but ever since that time and up until now I have had a hard time using Photoshop. I don’t need lessons on how to use it. I just want to fix a minor issue and I don’t know how to do that. When I download a picture from the Internet, it never shows up as the same size. I find this to be very frustrating because it completely ruins the quality of what I’m trying to work on. Even a 100x100 pixels image doesn’t look like its original size. Zooming in does nothing either. I have tried to come up with a resolution for two years now, almost 3. I just want to fix this minor issue so that I can use Photoshop normally again, just like how I used to starting from over 5 years ago. Please help me.


      Here is an image to demonstrate what I'm trying to say here.


      How do I fix this?? (Also, I have tried using both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. Still the same.)