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    Converting Raw files to DNG with metadata included


      Hello everyone! I am in a bit of a pickle. I'm trying to submit a photo to a magazine and they have specific guidelines they want followed. It is for a ski magazine and they want me to directly convert my RAW file to DNG so they can see the visual history of the file. They also want me to embed the original RAW file and DO NOT compress to lossless. I must also include metadata with my personal info and athlete info etc. in the photo. I am a little bit lost with all of this...I know how to save as DNG in camera RAW, but I don't know how to add metadata from here. Is there a way to go straight from lightroom to camera RAW? I downloaded Adobe RAW to DNG converter, but it is not reading my raw files and not letting me convert them. I shoot with a Nikon d500.

      Does anyone know how I should go about achieving this? Any help would be greatly appreciated

      Thank you so much

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          Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional



          Use the Metadata panel on the right side of the Library module to enter your information. You'll have to ask them which fields they want you to put the information in.


          When you're done editing and adding that information, export a copy, choosing DNG as the file type in the File Settings section, choose to embed the original and don't choose lossy compression.  In the Metadata section towards the bottom, choose to Include All Metadata.


          There's no need to use Adobe's Camera Raw program - use Lightroom for all of it.