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    Cautionary Tale: ADE Authorization fix causes Windows 7 to not boot


      Had problems with insufficient number of ADE Authorizations so used Chat to get help.  Answer was same as posted on this forum elsewhere: delete Adobe\Adept registry key.  Fix worked fine: was able to authorize additional devices (e-reader).  However, when starting computer up the next morning, Windows wouldn't boot.  Fired up the Recovery Disk, but could only get to error screen telling me the winload.efi digital signature could not be verified.  Screwed around with windows  recovery disk for a few hours, going into BIOS to change settings, but to no avail.  Finally tried using Chat again, but no help (surprise!).  Here's the "help" provided:


      7:36:12 PM Akim SakaMaring:

      I have checked your activation count and it is still remaining and we support here only for activation so We want to inform you that this issue is only supported on Forums.adobe.com as we have a team of Expertise who are trained and have knowledge about this product.


      7:36:24 PM Akim SakaMaring:



      7:36:33 PM Akim SakaMaring:

      Please visit the above link .



      7:37:01 PM you:

      I already looked on the forum -- no help.



      7:38:07 PM Akim SakaMaring:

      C we are not the expert for this product expert are available in forums that is the reason I guide you there .



      7:38:43 PM you:

      The activation is what caused this problem -- surely others have had this issue.



      7:40:35 PM Akim SakaMaring:

      I understand but we can only help you to increase the activation count for you but as i have checked your activation count is still remaining .



      7:41:18 PM you:

      So no one else has reported this problem?



      7:42:17 PM Akim SakaMaring:

      many customer has come to us regarding this same issue so we guide them to our adobe forums .



      7:42:58 PM you:

      So why do you keep giving out the same instructions if others have reported it causes problems with Windows?!



      7:44:11 PM Akim SakaMaring:

      I am sorry C, please visit to the above link I gave you we support  here which is related to serial key issue .



      7:44:33 PM you:

      wish me luck



      7:45:00 PM Akim SakaMaring:

      Good luck.


      Unbelievable that they would provide directions that cause problems with Windows.  So now I'll try Microsoft...should be fun.
      Would be very interested to hear any advice!