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    How may I select as favourites certain Presets in the Develop module?

    mrmister1 Level 1

      Hi, when I am working in a project in Indesign, I first take all the pictures and move them to the Lab (that is how I call Lightroom), so I process them in the Develop module with my favourite presets. However I work intensively with this feature, and I apply 23 tests to the same picture for certain projects, so I get 23 different lookings for the same picture. That means I create 23 virtual copies of the same photograph and I apply them 23 different presets, I already selected from my collection of... how many? 500 presets? probably even more. Then, I select the picture I prefer from those 23.

      The problem is this takes me 2 hours or 1 hour of time, and I have my deadlines very compromised. I need to go faster, or the customer will kill me.

      Seriously, I tried to avoid this process but it is impossible. The final quality of the product is "science fiction". Outstanding. Lightroom is a jewell, so I cannot stop to use it.

      I need something I can select certain presets as favourites and apply them at once.

      Is this possible? or just a dream for Lightroom 7?