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    Can't save if file is on a Google-sync'd drive


      Hi elainecc , I'm getting the same issue (could not save the document), but I don't think I have complex characters in my username (unless a space is a complex character?). Which username is this? The Windows or Adobe CC one?


      One interesting note: I can "Save As" if I save it as a different filename from the existing file e.g.

      • I have a file abc.xd
      • "Save" or "Save As" existing file -> "Could not save the document"
      • "Save As" different filename e.g. abc1.xd -> works

      Also, the document is in a local Google Drive folder. I tried saving to my Desktop and initially got the same error, but after closing and opening again it seems it might be ok if the file is not in GDrive. I'll check and edit this if there is any update.