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    Optimization - X 64 does not show in the title bar?

    Jim_Palik Level 1

      Following the most recent LRCC update I am doing my periodic LR optimization check . When reviewing the latest "Optimize performance" information in the online help I came across a comment I have not seen before.


      From online help

      Lightroom operates in 64-bit mode automatically if it is installed on a computer that is 64 bit capable and running a 64-bit OS. You can verify that it's running in 64-bit mode by doing the following:                                      

      Verify that Lightroom is running in 64-bit mode on Windows                                         

      • Start Lightroom and look at the title bar of the application                 
      • See if "x64" appears in the title.


      Of course being the nerd that I am and having invested in a high end system I looked to see if my LR was running in 64-bit. To my surprise, there is no x64 in the title. What am I missing? Am I looking in the wrong place? Is LR actually running as a 32-bit system? If so, How do I fix this?


      Of course the fix was not shown :-(