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    DRM is not allowing me to open my books



      I have purchased books in good faith believing I could always read them.

      This is not the case.

      Currently after following various fixit advice form both Adobe and Bookeen I am unable to access any of my books on my computer. I dare not connect my Ereader.

      Adobe support does not support Digital editions.


      "We want to inform you that this issue is only supported on Forums.adobe.com as we have a team of Expertise who are trained and have knowledge about this product."


      I have now wasted several days no actually the best part of a week trying to work through all of the DRM issues created by the change in DRM and the closure of bookstores and bookstores that have not kept titles for subsequent download in case Adobe changes their DRM and you need to down load the titles again. I dony have the hours it is taking to sort out the process.

      I have many expensive books that I can not replace and are now unreadable.


      Simply not good enough


      I want to use the books I bought in good faith how I want to use them. This ,means opening them on whatever device I choose when I choose.


      I also want timely support that offers me real-time options.


      Currently I have wasted enough time on this.


      What are my options?

      Little to none


      Your DRM is simply not good enough


      DO NOT BUY Adobe Digital Editions DRM products!!!!

      The digital Book dream is dead

      Thank You Adobe