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    GPU Render Error | Nvidia GTX 1080 | Premiere Pro CC (2017)

    thibautdewinter Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      Recently we switched from a Mac Pro (Late 2013) to a Windows PC.


      Here are our specs:

      Asus X99-A II

      Intel Core i7-6900K


      64 GB Corsair D432GB 2400-16


      Unfortunately everytime we want to render our sequence in Premiere we get the following GPU render error




      We tried rendering the sequence in 1080p or 4K.
      Different formats like H264 and Quicktime. CBR, VBR 1, VBR 2, nothing really helps.
      Old an new Nvidia drivers etc..

      We literally tried everything.


      The weird thing about this GPU error is that the point of failure is always somewhere else.

      The footage we are editing is from our RED Epic-W mostly shot in 6K or 8K RAW.
      Our composition is 3840 x 2160.

      We used different dynaminc links between PR and AE, some with the RSMB plugin.
      Setting RSMB to render by CPU instead of GPU doesn't help either.


      We can render the sequence in three different parts and then combine them together.
      But thats a big waste of time.

      I can't imagine that one of the most popular graphic cards is not supported by Adobe.


      We've run a few benchmarks to stress the GPU (FurMarck, Valley Benchmark, etc).
      The GPU usage was 100% for a few hours, it stayed very cool at 57° and didn't fail at all.


      Does somebody have the same problem? Any idea how can we solve this?


      Thanks in advance.
      Thibaut De Winter

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