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    Redirect one sibling page when it reaches the end of it's content to another sibling page in muse.


        I am a student and I'm working on a website that narrates a story through images and animations. It is a responsive parallax website. I want one sibling page of my muse site to automatically redirect to another sibling page once it reaches the end of it's contents. I do not want any button or have a mousedown as that will interrupt my narrative and the user experience i'm trying to achieve. I need help with writing the code.



      1. What do i type as my URL address or location of the sibling page?

      If my code is the following, what do i write in the location brackets?




      <script type="text/javascript">

      var tId = "";

      var iId = "";

      var tId ="";

      var iId = "";

      window.onload=function() {

        tid = setTimeout(function() {

          iId = setInterval(function () {

            var before = window.pageYOffset;

            window.scrollBy(0,1000); // change 10 to the number of pixels to scroll

            if (before >= window.pageYOffset) {


              tId = setTimeout(function() { location='(what will come here?)'},0);


          },50); // change 50 into how fast you want to scroll

        },3000); // change 3000 (3 secs) to how long you want to wait before scrolling






      2. I am using widgets from the muse market place. Will this code overwrite any of the widget effects?


      Please help.

      This is my first time to use code. Please correct me if I am going wrong.



      Thanks a lot,