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    blank screen when opening image save files & gfx packs

    JayTo_o Level 1

      ok so I am fairly new to Photoshop but have a basic understanding of the program. I had downloaded a gfx pack from YouTube and found that when I had clicked the packs icon to open it, it would open the program but leave me with the screen you would see before starting a new project. at first I thought it could be the fact that I had never used a gfx pack before and could possibly just be lacking the knowledge as to how to do so. then I saved a project I had been working on to my desktop closed the program and when I had tried to click on my project's icon the same blank screen occurred. I tried waiting for the program to see if it was just loading the image or packs but it had never loaded. please help, any feedback as to how I may fix this would be appreciated.