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    After Effects extremely sluggish


      For years I've been using a Early 2011 MacBook Pro with my Adobe products. Just a little 13" i7 with Intel 300. Nothing powerful but it was fine working with After Effects until it was time to render and it took forever. This part was expected.


      Fast forward to now. Finally broke down and purchased a new MacBook Pro (2015) i7 with Intel 5200. Again, not a powerful computer in the grand scheme of things, but should be just as fast. This is not the case. Premiere and Photoshop seem to be ok, but AE is extremely sluggish when working with a project. Lots of spinning wheels and save/autosave seem to take forever. Nothing has changed in my workflow/setup other than external SSD drives are faster after moving from FW800 to USB3.


      Contacted Adobe and was originally told I had a complex scene after taking control of my computer. I didn't know what to say. It was a 7 second video clip and a C4D file of a cube...just a cube. Pushed that I've dealt with MUCH more complex scenes without issues working on a file. Finally was just told I had an unsupported video card.


      This is driving me insane. Has anyone else encountered this? Using AE 2017 with all updates installed. Thanks in advance