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    I hate the creative cloud.

    davidp99347529 Level 1

      I have just graduated my Masters at University.

      All the design was supposed to be done in the creative cloud on university computers.

      I HATED it.


      Nothing is where it should be.

      Everything took way longer than it should have.


      So I abandoned the cloud and went back to Fireworks.


      Apart from using a virtual machine and installing a trial version every thirty days.


      How can I run this ancient piece of software that nobody wants, that I love because:-

      I have invested YEARS in learning how to use it.

      It does EXACTLY what I need, no extra bells, whistles or bloat

      It runs on any old computer I have around, with or WITHOUT internet access.

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          kentRda Level 1

          I also hate it...a LOT!   My wife is an underwater still photographer and I shoot underwater video.   The majority of the time, we are out at sea and do not have internet.   If we do have internet (such as when we are near a port) it is limited and slow. (Working on the/a cloud is out of the question).   When I am not at sea, I am not going to subscribe to a service that I will only use a few days of the year.   I have a very capable computer and do not need, or want to use a remote computer (and the internet) to do our photo processing.  As stated above, it is slower and more cumbersome.  When I work, I want to work on MY computer.  We've switched to other brands of still and video processing/editing software.