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    Cannot print to center of page - it's consistently "off"

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      First, please know that this situation applies to images made in Photoshop, but also happens if I try to print from other layout programs after importing the images into them.  Also, I have tried two different printers, and the same problem results on both - that being, the images are not centered when printed, but are consistently "just a hair off" - but that is enough to make a difference.


      First, let me explain what I am doing.  I make my own baseball cards.  One Photoshop (PS) file is made for the front of the card, and another is made for the back of the card.


      So, I have two files.  I then print each file on separate sheets, which I then want to adhere together, so that the front is joined with the back.  My theory was that if I printed each sheet "centered" on the page, the two sides would then join correctly, in terms of the card edges.  I would then have to simply cut the cards, and would get a complete, two-sided card.


      My problem comes in printing them, whether in PS or another application.  I choose to print them to the center of the page,  but when I join them, the second page is always and CONSISTENTLY several fractions of an inch to the left of the first page.  Thus, when I join the two sides of the card together and cut them, one side is always off-center and does not appear "correct" for a complete card.


      When I am working on the cards in PS, they appear centered on-screen, and all looks fine.  But when I print them, they are ALWAYS a fraction of an inch off . . . this is consistent, so I know it is not the printer feeding each sheet a little differently.  The placement is consistent . . . the cards are simply not centered on each sheet.


      Does anyone have any solutions, or things to try?  It has happened with Photoshop, as well as other "layout" programs into which the images are inserted.  It has also consistently occurred with two different printers, one an Epson inkjet and another a Canon dye-sublimation.


      Here are sample of the layout when done in PS and before printed:


      FRONT for forumTwo card print layout PORTRAIT.jpgBACK for forumTwo card print layout PORTRAIT.jpg


      TIA for any help . . .