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    Adobe Animate Publish Settings

    Richard5555NeedsHelp Level 1

      Is anyone having an issue with Animate's publish settings the last 24 hours (today is 1/7/2017)? I've made dozens of web pages using Animate the past few months, and consider myself at least an intermediate user if not an expert, but for some reason today my publish settings are not working. When I publish a file, or when I simply test my page inside Animate, Animate is making everything "fit to screen" when it was not doing so last night with the exact same settings (no matter the browser I use either...and I've tried 4 browsers). Is anyone having the same issue? I have tried every setting possible but I get the same result. I know the publish settings inside and out so I am wondering if anyone is having the same issue...i.e. is it a bug? I love Adobe in every respect otherwise. Thank you.