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    LR Creating jpgs for tiffs on import (move/rename)


      I have a large catalog and I'm using the import function in LR to move and rename my files. I've noticed that after importing LR creates JPGs of my TIFF files and storing them along side my TIFFs... why is this happening? what is causing this to happen exactly? I dont see the settings/options for it on import.


      I thought it was automatic at first but LR hasn't done this on imports of my TIFF files for digitized old photos that I've scanned -but I hadn't used the renaming function or the move function on those so I cant isolate this.


      I'm a bit concerned because I'd like my folder sizes to be manageable. If storage space becomes an issue which version of the file should I keep? TIFF or JPG? Is it really worth it to keep both?


      I'm using LR release 2015.8

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How were these  TIF files created, the ones that Lightroom is creating JPEG images as well? This doesn't sound right. I have never encountered such a procedure with Lightroom.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            On import of any image file type LR does not Auto create a second file and certainly not a JPG for an imported TIFF file.

            It will make a second copy of the imported file if you have that option checked but it would just make a copy of the original file type and not convert it to a JPG file.


            What are the exact settings you are using during the import. Are these TIFF files already stored on the hard drives either internally or externally connected to your system?

            Please post a screen shot of the import dialog window with all the options shown that you are using.

            Are you using the Move, Copy or Add option in the import dialog window?


            What type of computer are you using and what is the exact OS version installed?

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              law.000 Level 1

              I've been trying to recreate the issue but I haven't been successful (reimported the entire library I was working on and no duplicates), which means this was either some sort of fluke or I did something that escaped my attention somehow. I'm working with +50,000 files so I suppose thats possible, they are not all under one catalog as my laptop (a 3 year old Mac Book Pro, running macOS Sierra) cant handle it.


              Do you think its possible I broke LR? I don't ask it to handle catalogs with files over 20,000 at any one time. My import settings do not include making a copy, I was moving files into subfolders on my internal harddrive. Those duplicated JPGs seem to act like preview files (they don't show up in library view in LR, but the copies are  in finder). The TIFF files are created by an iPhone camera, imported into LR via combinations of direct imports from the device and backups downloaded from external drives.


              I've given up trying to figure out why any files were duplicated at all since I haven't had that happen again, but I've attached my import settings (I'm using MOVE) can you confirm with settings like these there should be no duplication of files?



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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                I don't own an iPhone so I have no idea how you are capturing TIFF files from it. I read that some add on camera app can do that.


                Could be you had it set to capture both TIFF and JPG or it was a glitch in the software that did that. Or those JPGs you saw were some type of sidecar file created by the camera app