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    Image Processor Pro Plug-in Probelm

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      X I was testing with CC 2017 and Image Processor Pro did not record in an action like a plug-in.  However old action I recorded IPP in worked like a plugin. I still use CC 2014 so I tested the other creative cloud versions of Photoshop recording a IPP Plug-in step into an action.  CS6, CC and CC 2014 recorded the plugin step corectectly,  CC 2015, CC 2015,5 and CC 2017 did not record the step correctly.  I do not know if its a bug in Photoshop on not.  For though CS6, CC and CC 2014. Record and plyay the step like a Photoshop Plug-in use the recorded settings the action step.  The recorded action steps the work correctly look like an empoty step in the action.