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    missing psd + jpg images from photoshop cc


      I had to work on my laptop while away and worked for 4 days in Photoshop CC - exporting the collage psd plus the indiv. images as psds to various folders on an external hard drive plus exported jpegs that I sent out to a client to preview while working on the collage -- I get home and every related folder is missing; the uploaded edited images I took from desktop into Lightroom 5 on laptop are visible in a folder, but the corresponding folder is now missing; and the jpeg folder is missing. I used the ext hard drive this morning on my desktop and the images I exported are there - so the ext hard drive is working. I made a huge mistake in not saving onto this laptop as well. I uploaded raw images to another ext hard drive while working on this job - they are there. I cannot find this job on either ext. hard drive, nor on the laptop. But I was able to send emails yesterday with a jpeg each from one of this job's folders that is now missing - an ideas???