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    Adobe Support rep forced a platform change on me and now refuses to correct it

    nowaygoaway Level 1

      I asked a chat support rep to reset the activations on my Windows copy of Photoshop CS6 so I could put it back on my Windows machine, which was recently reformatted. Instead, a few hours later I got an email saying that "as a one-time courtesy", he canceled my Windows serial and replaced it with a Mac one, which is nearly the exact opposite of what I asked him to do. After more than 12 hours of chat "support" and email back and forth, I've spoken to at least five different reps who have agreed that this was a mistake made by their support rep and that I did not ask for them to change my platform, but who all insist that this obvious mistake cannot be corrected because it's "against policy" to swap platforms twice, even though I didn't ask them to do it in the first place and just want them to fix their own mistake. Repeated (I counted - it was literally 40 times) requests for escalation were completely ignored.


      I'm at the end of my rope - this entire situation is completely unacceptable, and anyone who put even the slightest amount of effort into looking at the situation would know that. More than 12 hours of attempts to get this addressed through the official support team have been met with nothing but truly profound incompetence. I just want this Kafkaesque nightmare to end and these asinine actions taken by Support corrected so I can get my very, very expensive software back into a condition where I can actually use it.


      If anyone has any idea who else I can contact about this, I'd really appreciate the help. It's obvious that Support has no intention of actually addressing this problem, even after admitting they caused it entirely on their own.