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    LR and ACR making unwanted adjustments to RAW files - HELP!


      Hello!  Currently when I open RAW files in ACR or LR, there are automatic adjustments being applied.  They are strong and very much unwanted (like a bad insta filter).  I have tried working around it by just resetting the image in LR but the adjustments stay.  I am at a complete loss about what is going on.  Everything from highlights and saturation to grain are being affected.   The exact same situation in ACR.  What am I missing?  HELP!


      Not sure if I was clear, but an example of the changes when in the develop module would be.

      Highlights -53

      Shadows +40

      Whites -33

      Blacks +22

      Clarity -5

      Saturation -41


      Grain 15


      Why are these not all at zero?!