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    Muse CC 2017 Layer Issue?


      So it's been a little bit since I've used Muse. I've started a new site design and I must be missing something?


      In the olden days, you could see all the layers for all pages in the layers panel.

      I'd create a "NAV" layer for my menus etc on the Master and put the layer on top and pin the objects so when scrolling the site would move up and under the Menu for Navigation.


      Now I noticed that you (or at least I) can only see the layers for the page that I'm currently in. I can't figure out how to make the navigation on the master page always be on top. Currently my home page moves up and over my menu?


      What the heck am I missing?


      Muse CC 2017.0

      Mac OS 10.12.1

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          No issue, but expected behaviour.

          In the layer panel you can see every layer of your document on every page. But you only see those elements of this layer, which are placed on the active page.


          • Create a site with 3 pages.

          • Create a new layer called "test".

          • Go to the mast and place a menu into the layer "test".

          • Go to page 1 and place a rectangle into the layer "test".

          • Go to page 2 and place an image into the layer "test".

          • Gp to page 3 and place a text object into the layer "test".

          It would be confusing, if all object within a layer are shown on every page, even if they aren’t accessible or visible on the accrual page.


          To place a menu above all others, open the master page, add a new layer above all others and place your menu into this layer, or – if you already have a menu – select it, open the layers panel, click onto the small arrow to the left of the layer item to reveal the content of this layer, and drag the small colored square to the right of the menu object onto the newly created layer on top.

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            PhillNaylor45 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply!


            It must have been an issue with the new project. I started a new one and it's working as expected.


            In the project that wasn't working, I couldn't see any layers from other pages.




            Master had a layer called "NAV"

            Page One had a layer called "Page One Content A"


            If I was on the master page I could only see "NAV" in the layers panel with no "Page One Content A"

            If I was on Page 1 I could only see "Page One Content A" with no "NAV" so I couldn't move "NAV" to the top because it didn't exist.


            Looks like a corrupt project or something. All is good now with a new project.