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    Where are local SQLite .db-files stored?

    tackle mcclean Level 1
      I'm trying out this tutorial:

      I'm using the approach where I'm creating a local database on disk;

      var dbFile:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("DBSample.db");

      This makes me believe that in the project's folder, there should be a DBSample.db somewhere. If not there, then at least on the harddrive SOMEWHERE.
      But I cannot find it.
      I tried exporting it to an actual AIR app and installed that, and it worked just fine. I was hoping to see a .db file in the applications folder (program\LocalDatabaseTest, for example in my case).

      What gives?
      Also, if someone can answer this, perhaps you can answer my second question:
      What would be a good way to view the contents of a SQLite .db file? I'm used to work with mysql and phpMyAdmin, and I'd like a similar way to manage databases.