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    Adobe Muse CC 2017 - Slideshow help!


      Good evening,


      I am very new to Muse 2017 and have only had a few tutorial lessons where I learnt the basics. I enjoy using the program and I am currently designing an interactive website for a project. However, I am having issues designing one of the main pages as I am struggling to figure out how specific things are done and need some help. Web1Homepage.jpg



      Above is the page I need to design. I will give a quick explanation with what i'm having issues with.




      Basically the big 'IMAGE' will be a full screen photograph and the small 5 squares on the right hand side are smaller variations of the big one with different photographs and title. Now my question is, how do I make those 5 squares (Which are gonna be small photographs) become the big main image on the page when clicked? So sort of like a slide show. When one of the chosen 5 small photographs are clicked, they become the main full screen image. (Also if the user doesn't want to click it, the images switch automatically every several seconds)


      If anyone could help with that i'd be grateful.


      The 2nd thing is, the recognition bar on the left hand side. I want the user to be able to click that whole word and a new page slides across (Leftwards) and becomes the page below.


      If anyone has any idea, i'd be really grateful for the help. I'm pretty new to the software so keep it simple in explanation please . I am also able to spend money on widgets as I was given a budget. So if there are widgets for this, please link them below. (Not overly expensive widgets £10 max).



      Many thanks!