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    RotoTool opens but no green start tool starts even though I am following directions


      So I have a Mac OS X El Capitan Ver 10.11.6 installed and AE 2017. I have the video ready to Roto Brush, I click on the tool "Roto Brush Tool" then go to my layer and double click and at that point its supposed to zoom in with a green (pen point) for me to start selecting what I want to rotoscope. It doesn't do anything. I have had other "double click" issues where my daughter (with same product) works but not on mine, so I do it manually - but Roto Brush tool doesn't seem to have anyone way to work it. I use the mask tool perfectly fine, but wanted to use the Roto Brush. Is there a preset some where in product or on my Mac that allows the Roto Tool to work? I use Wacom tablet, but tried it with a mouse, and a pen no success. Please help me I need to get this done tonight. 7:46pm (pst) Regards, Nicole