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    Paragraph Styles Saved in CC Library Not Maintaining Color

    gregl17660213 Level 1

      Just wanted to share that a paragraph style created within Adobe InDesign and saved in a CC Library will not carry over the assigned character color when applying the library style to text in Adobe Illustrator, but very strangely enough, seems to work in the opposite direction. If the paragraph style is originally created with Illustrator then saved in a CC Library,  the character color does if fact carry over if the CC Library style is applied to text in an InDesign document.


      The question is: Why isn't the character color from InDesign being saved with the paragraph style in the CC Library? Isn't the whole idea and flexibility of CC Libraries to be cross compatible with other Adobe applications? I work primarily with InDesign and so it makes sense to create and save my paragraph styles in that environment, however,, there are many times when those same paragraph styles are needed in an Illustrator project. I suppose I could recreate all my paragraph styles within Illustrator and save them to my CC Library, however the functionality of Illustrator when it comes to paragraph styles is nowhere near the functionality of the InDesign paragraph style editor.


      Could someone from Adobe please look into fixing this issue? I would like to know that any paragraph style created with InDesign could be compatible with Illustrator via CC Libraries when necessary. Thanks!