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    How can i make this happen


      *this post was originally posted in premier forum, but was guided here because i was informed this would do what i needed to*

      I am completly new at Character Animator!
      but i would like to get something done i would like to make something that works kind of like a music spectrum,
      but looks nothing like it.
      Basicly i want it to be kind of like a small animation expample i have 2 images one with a image of a drawing with a closed mouth and one with an opened mouth.
      i whant it to outomatically show the image with an opened mouth when there is speaking and when in silence it shows the image with a closed mouth.


      So i would like a link to a tutorial on how to create the diffrent stages of the mouth movements,
      also a tutorial on how to import the audio to Character Animator so the mouth can be moved by the audio imported,

      i would like ideas on how i could do this so my intentions is making a face narrating the video so i would like to overlay the face ontop of a already existing and ready video. how would i add the face over the video is there a way to save the face with a transparent background to just plop it over the existing video?


      can somebody help me with this it would save me hours of editing each frame when there are talking etc.
      thanks a ton!