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    tabbed panel onchanged event??

    eboda_snaf Level 1


      Below script created two tabs namely "text" and "image".

      Is there a onChanged or onClicked event for tabbed panel where i'm able to capture which tab user clicked?


      Thanks much..


      var w = new Window ("dialog", "test", undefined, {closeButton: true});

      w.alignChildren = "right";

      var tpanel = w.add ("tabbedpanel");

      tpanel.alignChildren = ["fill", "fill"];

      tpanel.preferredSize = [350,300];

      var Texttab = tpanel.add ("tab", undefined, "Text");

      var images = tpanel.add ("tab", undefined, "Images");

      Texttab.onChanged = function(){


           //do something..


      w.show ();