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    AFX Enabled Plugin shows in Adobe Ext Manager, CC Apps Manager but not PS menus?

    rodger c.p5205067 Level 1

      Hi  there, a few odds & sods:


      1. I installed some plug ins which show in CC, Adobe Ext manager etc. One is " OmniSuite After Effects " ,

      it shows  live, enabled in both but  nowhere in Photoshop  > Windows> Extensions, After Effects at bottom of layertc or anywhere else I can see?

      (I checked the listings in Help> System> Extensions and it's not listed as a failed to load, the ones that failed show as failed)

      Any insight is appreciated, I'm sure it's user issue



      2. I know it's not your software but has anyone out there used the Fractus plugin?

      plugin Fractus Richard Rosenman Adobe Photoshop

      Fractus - Richard Rosenman Advertising & Design


      or another recommended plug in to make decent fractal imagery in Photoshop?After four hours, I can only  make a monotone red square.

      Any image I process with the filter makes the same red square??


      By all accounts its a fantastic plug in, it is my method or my settings are way  off.

      ...any insight or direction is  appreciated



      3.Finally, PS no long supports Pixel bender, the aforementioned  Omnisuite plugin has a quasi function pixel bending fx, but I like to have a back up plan, assuming I cant get the  OMniSuite  working, can you suggest another or software to achieve  similar results to the old Pixel bender app??


      I love PS and dream a new image every day, it's like being a kid again ... immense fun -