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    PS CS5 mysteriously "locks up" when re-sizing image...

    The Fluffiest Bunny

      So for the past week whenever I try to resize an image in PS it just locks up.

      It's not like when a program normally freezes.  I can still open menus and hover over all the tools, but everything in the menus is grayed out, and when clicking a tool I get the windows trill sound effect.  So, it's more like locked than frozen.  At first I thought I had incorrectly typed the hotkeys for resize and forced some weird screen-locking option I wasn't aware of.


      As far as I can tell it happens ONLY when I try to re-size an image.

      I don't even get the re-size dialogue box to open, it locks the moment the hotkeys are pushed.

      It happens whether I'm using hotkeys or manually selecting the re-size option from the menu.


      The size of the image makes no difference.  Even trying to resize a 50x50 pixels flat image will cause this to happen.

      The only thing I can think of is that earlier in the week I changed the location of my scratch disc from my SSD to my HDD.

      I changed it back to see if that would solve the problem but no luck.


      Any advise?


      System specs if it helps:


      os - windows 10

      ssd - samsung 850 evo m.2 250gb (CS5 installed on this drive)

      cpu - intel i7-6700

      mobo - z170n gaming 5

      memory - 16gb