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    Nvidia GPU's unnecessary for the future?


      I've been reading that After Effects' ray-traced rendering is outdated and no longer supported.


      As far as I am aware, ray-traced rendering benefits from CUDA cores in Nvidia GPUs, which is the only reason why I currently have a GTX 1060 (I know it's not really a supported GPU. I wasn't aware of that at first).


      However, since I ended up never utilizing ray-tracing, would that mean I can upgrade to AMD Vega instead of an equivalent Nvidia Volta in the next generation of GPU's without worrying about losing any performance for the application as a whole?


      Or is there still something in After Effects that would benefit from Nvidia GPU's?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would count on more manufacturers being supported in the future. I think Adobe learned a lesson when NVIDIA changes course in the middle of their development cycle. I don't think they will make the same mistake again.


          That said, don't expect great GPU enhanced performance in the the next couple of updates. From what I know of the internal structure of AE and the difficulty in rewriting the entire architecture, it's probably going to take a little while. Most of the time trying to keep your hardware up to date and optimized for any software product is a loosing proposition. You make your best educated decision on hardware and then wait to see how the industry responds. You'll probably guess right about half the time.

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            Wingflare Level 1

            Thank you for the answer.